Frequently Asked Questions

Which medical insurance plans do you accept?

We accept most major medical insurances, including plans from Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, Tricare, United Healthcare, and Medicare.


How do I make an appointment?

Please call us at 512-892-0030 to make an appointment. You may also use the Athenahealth Patient portal on our Home page to schedule office visits. Telemedicine is available, and can be scheduled by clicking on this Telemedicine appointment link.  Our Telemedicine feature enables you to set up an appointment via telephone to discuss your medical concern with Dr. Vinay Parameswara for Internal Medicine or Dr. Aditi Sule for Pediatric concerns.


What can I expect at my appointment?

Here is what to expect for your first visit at Oak Hill Wellness Clinic:

Upon arriving you will be checked in at our front desk. Please make sure you have your health records, vaccination records, complete list of medications and supplements along with dosages with you before you arrive at our office.

Once your paperwork has been submitted to the front desk, you will be invited back to an exam room, where a nurse will complete your intake, including your vitals. The doctor will then come in, discuss and answer your questions, perform a thorough exam, assess and provide you with a health plan. The nurse will be available to go over the instructions with you and answer any further questions.

Finally, you will check out and pay at the front desk, where you will also be able to make your next appointment. Depending on your insurance plan, payment may be collected at check-in rather than check-out.
For your first visit, please plan to be with us for a minimum of 1 hour. You are always welcome to contact the front desk with any questions!


What is Internal Medicine?

Internal Medicine is a medical speciality dealing with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of adult (18 years and over) diseases. Those trained in Internal Medicine are also called general internists and are equipped to handle the broad spectrum of illnesses that affect adults. Internists are recognized as experts in diagnosis, in treatment of chronic illness, and in health promotion and disease prevention—they are not limited to one type of medical problem or organ system. General internists are equipped to deal with whatever problem concerns a patient—no matter how common or rare, simple or complex. Their training uniquely qualifies them to practice primary care and follow patients over the duration of their adult lives, enabling them to establish long and rewarding personal relationships with their patients. Although internists may act as primary care physicians, they are not “family physicians,” “family practitioners,” or “general practitioners,” whose training is not solely concentrated on adults and may include surgery, obstetrics and pediatrics.


Who is a Pediatrician?

A pediatrician is a child’s physician who provides preventive health maintenance for healthy children as well as medical care for children who are acutely or chronically ill. Pediatricians manage the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of their patients, in every stage of development — in good health or in illness. Generally, pediatricians focus on babies, children, adolescents, and young adults (from birth to age 18 years) to control infectious disease, foster healthy lifestyles, reduce infant and child mortality and ease the difficulties of children and adolescents with chronic conditions.


Where are you located?

We are located a few blocks from the intersection of William Cannon Dr. and Escarpment Blvd. in Southwest Austin. Our medical office is inside the Mesa Oaks Complex, 5920 West William Cannon Drive, Building 6, Suite 150, Austin 78749. Nearby landmarks are the Children’s Courtyard, A Plus Federal Credit Union, and Walgreens. Our phone number is 512-892-0030. Navigate


Can I access my health records online?

Yes. Our Athenahealth Patient portal lets you access your medical records, schedule office visits, request prescription refills, and email us questions through a secure internet site that protects your privacy.


Who should I call when your office is closed?

When our offices are closed, please try one of the following, depending on the nature and severity of your concern:  

  • For medical emergencies requiring immediate attention, please dial 911.
  • Schedule a Telemedicine appointment with one of our physicians if they have availability.
  • Go to your Athenahealth patient portal and schedule an in-office visit with your physician.
  • You may also email your physician through the patient portal. Or you may call 512-892-0030 if you have a health concern, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. If you suspect it is a medical emergency please call 911.


Can you help me lose weight?

Yes, we can help our patients who are not at a healthy weight choose a weight management plan that is right for them. Vinay has a special interest in weight maintenance and lipid metabolism. Our wellness team is also available for additional support regarding lifestyle changes.

Please visit the Our Team  and Services  pages of our website for more information about our wonderful wellness practitioners!


Do you treat women who are pregnant?

We don’t offer obstetric care to our pregnant patients, but we will continue to care for your other medical conditions while you are pregnant. We can also give you pregnancy nutrition advice and breastfeeding assistance.


What happens if I need to be admitted to the hospital?

We work closely with doctors who specialize in hospital medicine or in-patient hospital care when you need to be admitted to the hospital.